Mission Trip to El Salvador – Wrap up

The team is now back in Concord and back into the swing of daily life. The trip was very successful and a wonderful experience. Pastor Bill learned all about the school, and began new friendships with the administration, teachers and children there AND gained a taste for good Salvadoran food! Alan was able to reconnect … Continue reading »


Mission Trip to El Salvador – Day 3

Last day at the actual school… Today, the children put on a presentation for us all about the country of El Salvador. They performed dances in traditional dress, signed songs, told us about their flag, national bird and national flower. All the presentations were made by the children. We were very blessed by the presentation … Continue reading »


Mission Trip to El Salvador – Day 2

Thursday was a day of playing with the children and learning about the school as well as personal stories. God has done amazing things in the lives of those on this trip and those we are visiting. There are at least 2 little ones who come from an orphanage each day to the school now. … Continue reading »


Mission Trip to El Salvador – Day 1

We have arrived in El Salvador safe and sound. Yesterday (Wednesday) at the school was a very busy and fulfilling day. Alan Platt and Pastor Azbell (Bill) did a great job on their sections on the Spiritual Gifts class for the teachers and the teachers are loving the class. It’s amazing that after being up … Continue reading »