Mission Prayer Request: Bill and Nona Baker, Go Ye Fellowship, Eastern Europe

Bill and Nona Baker have been working in Eastern Europe since 1983. This spring, Bill is doing total Romani language submersion in Slovakia by living with Roma families in their settlements with the goal of seeing how the Good News of Jesus touches their hearts even though they live in a hopeless environment. He wants … Continue reading »


Mission Prayer: Winter Nights Shelter, Contra Costa County

The coming week is the last for this year’s Winter Nights Shelter. The 9 families, numbering 30 individuals, that have been part of the program will be on their own on Monday, May 4. This has been a good season for the participants. Several of the families have jobs and cars, and most have already … Continue reading »


Mission Prayer Request: Christy Reiners, In His Steps, Bethlehem, Palestine

Christy Reiners and the ministry of In His Steps need your prayers as they have started the process to receive status as an non government organization (NGO) so that they can continue their work for The Breast Cancer Program in Bethlehem and nearby rural areas. Christy is currently unable to re-enter Israel to oversee the … Continue reading »